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The Energys Group notifies that any commercial transaction will require written authorization, duly signed and with a fingerprint, by Mr. Fernando Cacua. Any business carried out without this requirement will be void and will not be supported by the Energys Group and its associated companies.

Company Profile

Based in Panama, Houston, Caracas, Miami, and Bogota, Energys GROUP is a trading company of hydrocarbons, mining and gas. With associated offices in Rotterdam, Spain and Russia. The company has agreements with Central American, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria refineries. It also has its subsidiary company Energys Latin SA, which complements the entire operation of the Energys CO group.


Under the premise of environmental sustainability, Energys GROUP has as a mission being worldwide leader in the marketing oil derivatives, gas and mining. Offering the best products and services to our customers under a fulfillment and efficiency corporate culture, maintain an inclusive work environment, which allows employees to contribute with the development and success of the company.


Environmental Management
We care about the environment. Our commitment is to reduce the environmental impact by reducing waste, emissions and other releases.

Corporate Citizenship
We obey the laws of each country and extend our commitment to sustainability, generating social and economic benefits for the environment of our operation.

Honesty and Respect
Our greatest asset is the excellent reputation we have within the market. We maintain high standards of business ethics and integrity; we apply strict principles of corporate governance and transparency in the development of all our operations. We are your best partner, you and your business can count on us.

Continuous Improvement
We have the highest professional team, at your service to develop more ambitious projects. The scientific and technological innovation is part of our corporate culture.