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The Energys Group notifies that any commercial transaction will require written authorization, duly signed and with a fingerprint, by Mr. Fernando Cacua. Any business carried out without this requirement will be void and will not be supported by the Energys Group and its associated companies.


We are committed to protecting the environment, composed of professionals with a prominent career in the oil sector.


We provide to our clients:

  • Comprehensive reservoir.
  • Drilling and rehabilitation.
  • Stimulation and packaging.
  • Injection of fluids into high and low pressure.
  • Electric log.
  • Fishing tools.
  • Supply of materials and supplies for drilling and completion of wells studies.



We have participated in the development of major projects and marketing of oil extraction in countries like Venezuela.

Our company offers a variety of shipping companies with vessels of different sizes for the transport of fuel from any point of origin to its final destination.

We adjust to your needs, delivery, technical requirements and delivery terms.

We work to meet the demands of our customers, offering a specialized service with the highest standards of quality, framed within the requirements and standards of the oil industry worldwide..